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Pro Audio from Bad Audio? Here’s How I Do It.

I shot a video testimonial recently with a less than desirable audio setup. I only had one mic for three interviewees, the mic was too far from the subjects which introduced room noise and a slight echo and there were kids playing in a nearby room down the hall. How did I fix this in post? I won’t go into extreme detail, but I’ll give you an idea of what I used and how I used it to accomplish the goal of cleaning it up and making it sound professional. I’m always interested in how others accomplish this task, so I thought I would pull back the curtain and show you how I do it in these situations. Leave me a comment and let me know how you do it. Enjoy!

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Video Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Hello All,

Watching videos is fun, isn’t it? According to marketing stats… that’s a definite “yes”! Adding video to your Facebook posts, your website, your blog or any other online presence increases interaction with your viewers by a large margin. There are stats all over the place indicating the actual percentage of increase of interaction, but for the sake of this blog, lets just understand that if you prefer watching a video on a topic rather than reading text only, then chances are you’re not alone.

With that said, allow me to introduce one of my services: marketing video. In conjunction with Studio Grade, we create professional quality video aimed at telling your story with the intent of getting a reaction. That simple. We also produce adoption videos, which can be used in lieu of or alongside your adoption story book.

So, what’s our process in creating an effective marketing video? I’ll be creating another blog post focused around just that… our process. With some behind-the-scenes photos and insight. For now, however, please check out our video reel which showcases a few of the past projects. Thanks for visiting!


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Interesting Find Video

$500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway? What Are This??


Yes, you read the title correctly. AIMS Education Foundation is giving away a $500 Amazon Gift Card or one of three $250 Amazon Gift Cards to some lucky teacher. I plug this because of three reasons:

1. I’m in the marketing video. Yes, I’m shamelessly plugging my acting talents on my own blog. Get over it. 🙂

2. I work for AIMS Education Foundation and couldn’t be prouder. AIMS is a non-profit organization that is changing the way educators teach and students learn.

3. How else will YOU have a chance to enter and win if you don’t know about it?

So, check out this video, head over to the survey and get yourself signed up to win one heckuva prize.

Oh, and I’m the guy on the left handing the candy bar.

Bon Courage!

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David (Cali Dingo)