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Black Hat SEO Techniques

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SEO Techniques That Work Against You

Today I thought I would have a discussion on black hat SEO techniques. These are techniques that actually work against you and your SEO efforts. Why “Black Hat”? Remember those old cowboy movies where the good guy wears a white hat and the bad guy wears a black hat? Well, there ya go.

There are many a company out there that will provide you SEO services, but did you ever consider whether or not they are providing these services ethically on your behalf? If they aren’t, YOU are the one that pays for their unethical tactics… not the SEO service provider. If your site is targeted as using “black hat” SEO techniques, your site can be eight balled from Google listings and many more.

Once you are penalized for bad SEO techniques, it takes quite a while for Google or any other major search engine to allow you back into the fold. This can mean loss of possible profit; not to mention all that hard work you put into getting your name floating around the internet? bye bye. When you go interviewing for an SEO provider, make sure they stay clear of any black hat techniques. Here is a list of bad SEO techniques and habits (provided by

#1 Paid Links

#2 Spam Content

#3 Duplicate Content

#4 Article Spinning

Article spinning is a technique similar to the duplicate content issue (above) and is continually getting more popular. This is next level plagiarism and it involves using special software which takes the copied source and rephrases it for later use as a “new”, “unique” post. Modification efficiently cuts down the risk of being detected by any plagiarism tool.

#5 Cloaking

#6 Doorway Passages

#7 Keyword Stuffing

#8 Invisible Text/Keywords

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How Google Search Works

Hello again,

A good friend pointed me to this video quite a while ago. I finally got around to watching it and decided this is too interesting to not share. Essentially, this is Google explaining how their almighty search engine works behind the scenes.

Developing a site and implementing SEO on it to help get that site recognized by Google and other popular search engines, is a very confusing and headache-inducing process. I used to think that Google randomly change the rules for receiving high ranking on their search engine out of spite for the world. But, after watching this video I’ve realized that they are actually changing the rules in order to help those searching for topics. I have to admit that it works on the searcher’s end. My searches seem more and more accurate as to what I’m looking for, which means I don’t have to sift through mud to find the information. It comes much quicker these days. Well, this video explains why.

I expect even more changes to help streamline the process in the years to come. This means more headaches for web developers and SEO gurus, but for those searching for information… this is a good thing.

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David (Cali Dingo)