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Hello again,

Today I share some drum editing I did for a local metal band I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. These drums were recorded with a midi drum kit into a drum software program. The editing I performed was to get the performance in time and to customize the kit for the drummer. I would have LOVED to record his acoustic kit, however, I don’t have the inputs or ADAT capabilities in my audio interface to handle 8 + microphones. So, troubleshooting led us the midi kit.

This is with only rough mixing involved. I set the mixer faders, threw on a EQ over the kit and used slight compression to help it pop. The trick to getting it to sound like a real kit and not a computer generated kit is to have a person actually play it. Drum loops are not the way to go when trying to capture a humanistic feel. Get a real drummer to play the kit. The only difference between what we did and the traditional way of recording drums was HOW we recorded the drums. Traditional uses mics to capture the performance; we used midi to capture the performance. Many want to believe this is a subpar way of recording drums. I disagree.

Without further ado, enjoy this sample and feel free to comment.



Till next time…

David (Cali Dingo)