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CBMC? Who Could This Be?

Kim Stephens

Hello All,

I went to a luncheon this past Tuesday hosted by an organization called CBMC (Christian Businessmen’s Connection). This was my third luncheon/event I’ve attended by these fine folks and every time I attend these things I walk away very much inspired and ready to conquer the world. Who are these folks you ask? They’re an organization that attempts to bring together (connect) businessmen in your community. There is a women’s version as well and actually it was the women’s version in conjunction with the men’s that put on the recent luncheon I went to.

At all of these events they put on they have some amazing speakers and this one was no exception. I was able to listen to Kim Stephens who happens to be a bit of local celebrity here in Fresno. She hosts a morning news show and, I must admit, every time I’ve watched her in the past… I was indifferent with her. However, after this luncheon, I have a new sense of respect for her as a person. She was such a nice individual and had a lot to offer to inspire us all in our everyday lives. THAT is what CBMC is good for. It inspires me every event. I walk out ready to beat the negativity in the world to a pulp.

So, I just wanted to share this as I still have a fire in my rump. I’ll even go a little further and give you the promo video for CBMC and perhaps there will be one near you that you can check out sometime. I believe they are nationwide, however.. I’ve been known to be wrong. 🙁

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