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A Young Paul McCartney Talking White Album

Paul McCartney Takes the White Album Track by Track in 1968

White Album Back Cover

I am a huge Beatles fan and, just like all Beatles fans, I feel that I know pretty much all there is to know about the greatest band that ever existed. Many hour have been spent looking on YouTube for any Beatles rarity that might spark my interest. I rarely find the rare Beatles snippet, but once in a while I land on one and I just had to share this one.

One of my favorite albums of all-time is the White Album. It’s a great album and I actually love every single song on it. While looking around for Beatles junk on YouTubes just today I came across this very excellent interview of a young Sir Paul McCartney taking the album track by track.  The album was hot off the presses at the time of this interview (1968) and he is going through song by song and describing the “behind-the-scenes” of each.

Its a bit long, but if you are a Beatles nerd, such as I, it’s well worth the time. Totally worth it. These are very hard to come by and every couple of years or so I seem to find one. I love the interwebs!

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Interesting Find

Another Beatles Rare-Look

Have you figured out by now that I’m a big Beatles fan? Anything related to their songs or studio life is very fascinating to me and in today’s world of the interwebs it has gotten easier and easier to find little gems such as this.

This is a clip that not only shows the behind-the-scenes of the mighty Beatles recording and rehearsing “Hey Jude”, but also shows a glimpse of their infighting.

This was being filmed for a TV show in England called “Music”. The presence of the TV crew put the band on edge (at this time in their career almost anything would put them in an edgy state) and resulted in Paul and George going at it with each other. George, consequently, refused to participate and sat in the control room with their producer George Martin. You can hear George talking with Martin at one point and it is clear that Paul and George were fighting over the direction of the song.

George is heard saying “That’s the difficulty I find… It’s just a concept. You can say it doesn’t go like that, it goes like that. But, it goes like that and it goes like anything. It can become pop, jazz, classic…whatever you want to do with it.”

It must have been hard to be George Martin during those tense moments in the studio. Despite, they were all still capable of pulling together a #1 hit.

Another interesting factoid regarding this clip is that the audio you hear on the video was intended to be the basic track of the song on the album. The Beatles took this track over to another studio, Trident Studios, to add overdubs. Trident was the only studio in London at the time that had 8 track recorders, so the intention was to use those extra tracks for the overdubs and swelling chorus at the end. However, transferring the track didn’t work out and they ended up re-recording what we hear today as the basic track at Trident Studios.

At any rate, enough of me jabbering…

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Interesting Find

Lost Solo For “Here Comes The Sun”?

Found this over on Bobby Owsinksi’s blog. A very rare look at what could have been included in the final version of the Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun”. George Harrison apparently played a solo for the middle section that was never used in the final version. Plus, as the video moves along you hear some Hammond organ that in the final version is either missing or gets heavily buried in the mix. Very interesting.

A side note: The funniest part of the whole thing for me is that George Martin has no idea that the final version didn’t include the guitar solo. Amazing in that it shows that he doesn’t listen to the very songs that made him the recognized producing genius that he is.

NOTE: I have no idea how long this video will be up until EMI removes it. So, view it while ya can!

Part 2 of my series, Got a Spare Bedroom? Let’s Make a Studio!, will be coming later this week. I’ll be showing my process on adding acoustic treatment to the studio. So, be sure to come back and visit if that peaks your interest.

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