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CBMC? Who Could This Be?

Kim Stephens

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I went to a luncheon this past Tuesday hosted by an organization called CBMC (Christian Businessmen’s Connection). This was my third luncheon/event I’ve attended by these fine folks and every time I attend these things I walk away very much inspired and ready to conquer the world. Who are these folks you ask? They’re an organization that attempts to bring together (connect) businessmen in your community. There is a women’s version as well and actually it was the women’s version in conjunction with the men’s that put on the recent luncheon I went to.

At all of these events they put on they have some amazing speakers and this one was no exception. I was able to listen to Kim Stephens who happens to be a bit of local celebrity here in Fresno. She hosts a morning news show and, I must admit, every time I’ve watched her in the past… I was indifferent with her. However, after this luncheon, I have a new sense of respect for her as a person. She was such a nice individual and had a lot to offer to inspire us all in our everyday lives. THAT is what CBMC is good for. It inspires me every event. I walk out ready to beat the negativity in the world to a pulp.

So, I just wanted to share this as I still have a fire in my rump. I’ll even go a little further and give you the promo video for CBMC and perhaps there will be one near you that you can check out sometime. I believe they are nationwide, however.. I’ve been known to be wrong. 🙁

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Acoustic Treatment Interesting Find Recording

Different Acoustic Environments and How They Affect Sound

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A busy weekend was had by the Dingo as I ventured to Visalia and participated in the annual CAPA Conference. This is a conference for paralegal organizations throughout the state of California. So, you maybe asking yourself, “why in the world is California Dingo slinging schlock at a paralegal convention?”. Good question. The truth is, I actually have a few organizations that attended this event that are clients of mine via my web design services. What can I say, I have the best prices and service in town when it comes to non-profit organizations. It’s always nice to step out and say “hi” to all my clients in one setting. I love schmoozing. lol. But, enough of my selling my services on my blog, let’s get to the matter at hand.

Audio is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I believe the reason is because I am fascinated by audio and how it can be manipulated and enhanced and essentially be used to trick our ears into thinking we are hearing something that really isn’t there. It’s just plain fascinating to me. For instance, when you listen to a live album, chances are… it’s not really live. It was re-recorded using some of the live elements, but that guitar solo? Um… no. It was recorded after the fact in a studio and processors were added to make it fit in the “live” sound so you have no idea that the dude is actually sitting inside a 10 X 10 recording room.

You see, this is common practice and has been since at least the 70s. Nowadays there are plug-ins that perfectly simulate a church hall or small studio, etc. These developers have really gotten good at it, so there really isn’t a need to go to an actual church hall and setup your mics and attempt to get the effect of a church hall when your singer is belting out your latest hit. It ends up costing more time and as we all know… time is money.  Anymore, I think folks that do go to the actual environment to record do so, because like me, it’s fun to attempt to capture those sounds in the real environment. But, its not necessary.

Regardless, it is so interesting to see how real environments can effect sound. The following video shows a guy trying out the actual environments and it really is fascinating to see how just echo flutter and sound bouncing around a room can effect the mood of any given source. Check it out and I hope you find it as interesting as I do.


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Sharing a Post: Studio Grade Discussing Lighting

Studio Grade Blog Image of Man Looking Off Camera

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Good friend and fellow creative, Austin Newell of Studio Grade, wrote an interesting article for his cinematography class on lighting for photos and film. I wasn’t surprised that lighting played such a role in setting the mood, but I was definitely interested in how the lighting was used to create that particular mood. Here’s a snippet.


“In my second week we were tasked with learning and producing 4 different lighting styles to emulate.





In a comedy lighting style the goal is to have everything in the scene evenly lit, similarly to beauty lighting but instead of having separation from the background the background is also lit evenly.

The goal is to not distract the viewer from actors performance, So for comedy everything is basically evenly lit with soft light.”

To read on, check out his actual blog post via this link:

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How To Interesting Find Song Creation

Dave Grohl: The Ideal Music Teacher


Dave Grohl

So, I recently was on a Dave Grohl/Nirvana itch on the ol’ Youtubes and came across these gems. He explains how he learned drums/guitar and how to write a hit song. Of course, he includes his awesome humor and humility, but these videos struck a chord with me (no pun intended) and here’s why.

First, a little about me and my love for music. Music was always in the house as far as I can remember and my mother didn’t discourage this.  My mother loved music and she ultimately taught me how to play guitar and piano, however I quickly shunned the keys only later to regret that decision. But, yes. My mother taught me how to play guitar.  I believe my mother is a creative who got married young and decided not to pursue being a creative in lieu of raising us stinking kids (6 of us). This didn’t stop that urge in her to learn how to do creative things… like play guitar. I believe she is self taught, however I could be wrong on that. Regardless, she can play piano, sing and play guitar. Very talented young lady if you ask me. So, as my mother taught me how to play guitar, my brother taught me how to PLAY guitar. I remember watching him pull out the CONN classical guitar and start rocking out to the latest hits of the day… and sing at the same time! That was amazing to a young, impressionable grade schooler. Then, he would take it a step further and play/sing one of his own songs. It was in those moments that I realized, if he could do this..well, then, maybe I could do it too. (That is still debatable).

Dave Grohl explains in these videos exactly what I experienced growing up. You can learn how to play an instrument, but unless you have passion for the instrument, you’ll never really LEARN the instrument in the truest sense of the word. With that said, you may “learn” the instrument your own way or discover your own method of playing that may seem unorthodox to others watching. However, if you have passion for that particular instrument… look out world. It doesn’t matter how you hold the knife, as long as it cuts the butter.

Songwriting is the same thing. There are so many songs out there that I can’t stand, however, there are an equal amount of peeps that love them. Beauty is in the ear of the beholder. Anyone can write a song. Whether its good or not is a subjective question. What that means is, if you like it… most likely someone else will too.  Just practice writing songs over and over. At first they will be horrible… eventually they maybe great. There really is a recipe to “good music” and Dave Grohl hits the nail on the head while messing around with Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass. Its funny… but what he is explaining is very true.

I hope these videos strike a chord with you as they did with me. I LOVE music and am always curious about why some songs catch and others don’t. Grohl maybe on to something.


Dave Grohl Explains How He Learned to ROCK


David Grohl Shows How To Write a Hit Song

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Video Is Worth A Thousand Words…

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Watching videos is fun, isn’t it? According to marketing stats… that’s a definite “yes”! Adding video to your Facebook posts, your website, your blog or any other online presence increases interaction with your viewers by a large margin. There are stats all over the place indicating the actual percentage of increase of interaction, but for the sake of this blog, lets just understand that if you prefer watching a video on a topic rather than reading text only, then chances are you’re not alone.

With that said, allow me to introduce one of my services: marketing video. In conjunction with Studio Grade, we create professional quality video aimed at telling your story with the intent of getting a reaction. That simple. We also produce adoption videos, which can be used in lieu of or alongside your adoption story book.

So, what’s our process in creating an effective marketing video? I’ll be creating another blog post focused around just that… our process. With some behind-the-scenes photos and insight. For now, however, please check out our video reel which showcases a few of the past projects. Thanks for visiting!


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