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Say Hello to the Cali Dingo Rebrand

California Dingo Logo rebrand

Hello World!

It has been quite a a few months since Cali Dingo has provided any content on this here blog. In fact, it appears it’s been since October of last year. Other than just generally keeping busy with client work, there has been another reason to account for the MIA. California Dingo Media has been hard at work with a business structure rebrand and creating marketing materials to boot. It was through much introspection and bottles of wine that we (the royal we, that is) decided Cali Dingo needed to shift focus, revamp and rebrand.

This led Cali Dingo to reach out for some much needed assistance from Butler Branding here in Fresno who provided the jumping-off point in rethinking the Cali Dingo brand and marketing efforts. If any of you are looking for assistance in your marketing, seek out Sean Tambagahan. He’s good people.

As I have mentioned earlier, it really started with shifting focus on what California Dingo really is: an independent creative director. What is this, you ask? You can read all about it here! Cali Dingo’s goal goes beyond just providing creative services such as web design, graphic design, video, etc. It’s to provide creative problem-solving that communicates complex ideas to your target audience by crafting simplified, engaging design and video.


Simply put, I use customized visuals and design to help connect the dots from your big idea, brand or message to the people you want to communicate to.


Just to eliminate any further confusion, click here to check out this case study where I recently assisted Nebraska Department of Education in creating modules for Nebraska school districts that focused on English Learner instruction and inclusion. Don’t want to click the link? No worries. I’ll just provide their response to my work below.


Nebraska Department of Education Logo

David was very responsive to changes that we wanted to incorporate into our work and was always happy to work with us to improve our product.”



I think that’s a happy customer. In fact, I’m contracted to work on further modules throughout this year.

I would like to invite you to look around my site and feel free to share with anyone who may need my services or consultation. I look forward to sharing my exploits and happenings right here on ye old blog and of course please follow me on social media.

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Cali Dingo (David)



Why Pros Hang The Microphone Upside Down When Recording

dean martin singing

Why Do Pros Hang The Microphone Upside Down When Recording?

I came across an excellent article this morning over at Bobby Owsinski’s Blog discussing why professionals have always put their microphones upside down while recording a vocal part. This technique has always baffled me and I was always curious what the benefits were.

My only guess was that it helped keep the microphone away from the lyric sheet. Keeping microphone stands clear of the lyric sheet is one of the reasons on his list, however, this technique goes beyond just microphone stands.

Here is a quick excerpt from his very informational blog.

• The rationale behind hanging a mic upside down comes from tube mics. The heat rising from the tube can cause the diaphragm to change temperature over time, which will change the sound of the mic. Placing the tube above the capsule will let the heat rise without passing over the diaphragm.

• Another thing that happens is that the vocalist sings slightly upward into the mic, which forces the airway open and encourages a full-body voice. Take a deep breath and sing a low note, start with your chin to your chest, and slowly lift your head until your chin has about a 15-degree lift. Hear any difference?

• Maybe even more important, the mic can be positioned so the singer is less likely to direct popping air blasts into the mic.

• It’s also easier for the singer to read any music or lyrics since it’s out of the way.

Read more:

Thank you for viewing my article today. Check back often to see some more goodies I’ll be putting up.

Till then…

David (Cali Dingo)

SEO Web Developing

Black Hat SEO Techniques

black hat seo cowboy villain

SEO Techniques That Work Against You

Today I thought I would have a discussion on black hat SEO techniques. These are techniques that actually work against you and your SEO efforts. Why “Black Hat”? Remember those old cowboy movies where the good guy wears a white hat and the bad guy wears a black hat? Well, there ya go.

There are many a company out there that will provide you SEO services, but did you ever consider whether or not they are providing these services ethically on your behalf? If they aren’t, YOU are the one that pays for their unethical tactics… not the SEO service provider. If your site is targeted as using “black hat” SEO techniques, your site can be eight balled from Google listings and many more.

Once you are penalized for bad SEO techniques, it takes quite a while for Google or any other major search engine to allow you back into the fold. This can mean loss of possible profit; not to mention all that hard work you put into getting your name floating around the internet? bye bye. When you go interviewing for an SEO provider, make sure they stay clear of any black hat techniques. Here is a list of bad SEO techniques and habits (provided by

#1 Paid Links

#2 Spam Content

#3 Duplicate Content

#4 Article Spinning

Article spinning is a technique similar to the duplicate content issue (above) and is continually getting more popular. This is next level plagiarism and it involves using special software which takes the copied source and rephrases it for later use as a “new”, “unique” post. Modification efficiently cuts down the risk of being detected by any plagiarism tool.

#5 Cloaking

#6 Doorway Passages

#7 Keyword Stuffing

#8 Invisible Text/Keywords

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Interesting Find Recording Song Creation

A Young Paul McCartney Talking White Album

Paul McCartney Takes the White Album Track by Track in 1968

White Album Back Cover

I am a huge Beatles fan and, just like all Beatles fans, I feel that I know pretty much all there is to know about the greatest band that ever existed. Many hour have been spent looking on YouTube for any Beatles rarity that might spark my interest. I rarely find the rare Beatles snippet, but once in a while I land on one and I just had to share this one.

One of my favorite albums of all-time is the White Album. It’s a great album and I actually love every single song on it. While looking around for Beatles junk on YouTubes just today I came across this very excellent interview of a young Sir Paul McCartney taking the album track by track.  The album was hot off the presses at the time of this interview (1968) and he is going through song by song and describing the “behind-the-scenes” of each.

Its a bit long, but if you are a Beatles nerd, such as I, it’s well worth the time. Totally worth it. These are very hard to come by and every couple of years or so I seem to find one. I love the interwebs!

Without further ado… Enjoy!


Till next time…

David (Cali Dingo)