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A Young Paul McCartney Talking White Album

Paul McCartney Takes the White Album Track by Track in 1968

White Album Back Cover

I am a huge Beatles fan and, just like all Beatles fans, I feel that I know pretty much all there is to know about the greatest band that ever existed. Many hour have been spent looking on YouTube for any Beatles rarity that might spark my interest. I rarely find the rare Beatles snippet, but once in a while I land on one and I just had to share this one.

One of my favorite albums of all-time is the White Album. It’s a great album and I actually love every single song on it. While looking around for Beatles junk on YouTubes just today I came across this very excellent interview of a young Sir Paul McCartney taking the album track by track.  The album was hot off the presses at the time of this interview (1968) and he is going through song by song and describing the “behind-the-scenes” of each.

Its a bit long, but if you are a Beatles nerd, such as I, it’s well worth the time. Totally worth it. These are very hard to come by and every couple of years or so I seem to find one. I love the interwebs!

Without further ado… Enjoy!


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How To Interesting Find Song Creation

Dave Grohl: The Ideal Music Teacher


Dave Grohl

So, I recently was on a Dave Grohl/Nirvana itch on the ol’ Youtubes and came across these gems. He explains how he learned drums/guitar and how to write a hit song. Of course, he includes his awesome humor and humility, but these videos struck a chord with me (no pun intended) and here’s why.

First, a little about me and my love for music. Music was always in the house as far as I can remember and my mother didn’t discourage this.  My mother loved music and she ultimately taught me how to play guitar and piano, however I quickly shunned the keys only later to regret that decision. But, yes. My mother taught me how to play guitar.  I believe my mother is a creative who got married young and decided not to pursue being a creative in lieu of raising us stinking kids (6 of us). This didn’t stop that urge in her to learn how to do creative things… like play guitar. I believe she is self taught, however I could be wrong on that. Regardless, she can play piano, sing and play guitar. Very talented young lady if you ask me. So, as my mother taught me how to play guitar, my brother taught me how to PLAY guitar. I remember watching him pull out the CONN classical guitar and start rocking out to the latest hits of the day… and sing at the same time! That was amazing to a young, impressionable grade schooler. Then, he would take it a step further and play/sing one of his own songs. It was in those moments that I realized, if he could do this..well, then, maybe I could do it too. (That is still debatable).

Dave Grohl explains in these videos exactly what I experienced growing up. You can learn how to play an instrument, but unless you have passion for the instrument, you’ll never really LEARN the instrument in the truest sense of the word. With that said, you may “learn” the instrument your own way or discover your own method of playing that may seem unorthodox to others watching. However, if you have passion for that particular instrument… look out world. It doesn’t matter how you hold the knife, as long as it cuts the butter.

Songwriting is the same thing. There are so many songs out there that I can’t stand, however, there are an equal amount of peeps that love them. Beauty is in the ear of the beholder. Anyone can write a song. Whether its good or not is a subjective question. What that means is, if you like it… most likely someone else will too.  Just practice writing songs over and over. At first they will be horrible… eventually they maybe great. There really is a recipe to “good music” and Dave Grohl hits the nail on the head while messing around with Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass. Its funny… but what he is explaining is very true.

I hope these videos strike a chord with you as they did with me. I LOVE music and am always curious about why some songs catch and others don’t. Grohl maybe on to something.


Dave Grohl Explains How He Learned to ROCK


David Grohl Shows How To Write a Hit Song

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Audio Editing Mix/Master Recording Song Creation

Audio Sample 1

Recently finished up a song I’ve been diligently working on for quite a while. This was the song that I decided to cut my teeth on in regards to perfecting my audio engineering prowess. Okay…so I still have a little ways to go.

At any rate, in this sample I recorded everything, did the audio editing, mixed the tracks and mastered the finished product to bring the levels up to commercial quality. I am in the midst of mastering some more audio and will have those up shortly as well. As with everything in life, the more I do it…the better I seem to be getting at it.

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Mix Song Creation

Jingle All The Way!

Here is a sample of my latest project.

This is a backing theme jingle that will play behind voice overs for an instructional video. Completely made in Garageband, which is a program I’ve long been a skeptic of in regards to it’s usefulness in professional settings. However, I think I’ve come to change my opinion. It is a wonderful program for creating simple jingles and I could see using it in conjunction with Pro Tools (or any major DAW) on a larger project. By no means do I see Garageband replacing Pro Tools as a primary go-to DAW. But, for this particular project? Garageband fit the bill to a “T”.

My approach:

I found (upon several hours of digging through the midi loop library) a simplistic latin beat that I felt would not be too problematic in restructuring. I went about replacing the rythmn and the majority of the percussion instruments that came with the midi loop. The only percussion I left was the high hat and ride cymbal. Man, I love midi. 🙂

Now for a bass line to hum us along. Hmmm. Well, this is going to back a voice-over giving instructions, so we need a tone and bassline that won’t interfere with the narrator (which is me, by the way). So I started searching for the correct tone first. Stand up bass to the rescue! Why stand up? It has nice round tone you can’t get with a standard electric or picked bass line. Remember, I’m using midi here. Had I been able to record it myself using my standard electric bass, I would have been able to get what I wanted after hours of setting up mics, testing levels, readjusting levels, etc. So, the bass line I found was pretty exact to what I felt would work, with just a few miniscule changes I put here and there to the walking bassline the midi loop presented to me. Again… man, I love midi!

Now for the money-maker. A simple melody. I knew that I would not find a melody that was going to fit right over the top with all the necessities I demanded. So, I elected to create it all myself using the computer keyboard (yes, you read that correctly)., I love midi!! 🙂 I put on the rythmn that I created and looped it until I figured out a simple woodwind melody. I knew I wanted a woodwind instrument to carry the tune. Woodwinds generally have a tone that can be soothing to a listener when used in these situations. They don’t tend to fight the voice actor for your attention. In this case, I was hearing in my head a flute that would carry the melody. Fortunately, I was spot on when selecting the flute as the melody maker. Nice airy tone, easy to the ears and not about to step on my voice-over. I did a few practice runs with the rythmn section, quickly found a nice melody run and recorded.

The last bit is the fun part…mixing. In this instance, the mixing is small potatoes. There were only 5 tracks. I adjusted some levels and panned the flute and some of the percussion elements in different areas of the sound field to give room for the narrator. Oila! Finished. This was a very fun project to work on.

I feel it could not only work as a backing track to narration, but I could see it as a menu jingle or pause game jingle for a game on the iPad or the like. 🙂


Backing Track To Voice Over

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