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CBMC? Who Could This Be?

Kim Stephens

Hello All,

I went to a luncheon this past Tuesday hosted by an organization called CBMC (Christian Businessmen’s Connection). This was my third luncheon/event I’ve attended by these fine folks and every time I attend these things I walk away very much inspired and ready to conquer the world. Who are these folks you ask? They’re an organization that attempts to bring together (connect) businessmen in your community. There is a women’s version as well and actually it was the women’s version in conjunction with the men’s that put on the recent luncheon I went to.

At all of these events they put on they have some amazing speakers and this one was no exception. I was able to listen to Kim Stephens who happens to be a bit of local celebrity here in Fresno. She hosts a morning news show and, I must admit, every time I’ve watched her in the past… I was indifferent with her. However, after this luncheon, I have a new sense of respect for her as a person. She was such a nice individual and had a lot to offer to inspire us all in our everyday lives. THAT is what CBMC is good for. It inspires me every event. I walk out ready to beat the negativity in the world to a pulp.

So, I just wanted to share this as I still have a fire in my rump. I’ll even go a little further and give you the promo video for CBMC and perhaps there will be one near you that you can check out sometime. I believe they are nationwide, however.. I’ve been known to be wrong. 🙁

Without further ado…


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David (Cali Dingo)



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Organ? Check! Leslie Cabinet? Double Check!

Hello once again.

I have had quite an interesting Saturday this past weekend, not to mention the week following. My lovely wife and I were on the hunt for a file cabinet for my office this past weekend and decided to look around the local thrift stores to see what was available. As always upon entering a thrift store, I head to the “music” section and look at the latest offerings. Typically I pound around on the organs (they always have a ton of organs) hoping to find something of value or something to make me drool. Usually, I find nothing. However, this time I rounded the corner at the first thrift stop we went to and found a Leslie speaker cabinet. That’s right, someone found this to be something to give away to a thrift store. I about pooped my pants, I’ll be honest. My wife as my witness, I couldn’t leave the area until I found out if it worked and how much they wanted for it. Long story short, I gathered quite a crowd around me because of my hysterics. I was continually educating someone as to why I was excited by this thing and how this thing worked and what it was used for. Many had walked past it earlier in the day and had no idea what this big piece of drawless/doorless furniture was.

Eventually, a few musicians saw what I was up to and one of them was just as curious as me as to whether this thing actually worked. I never caught his name, but a genuinely nice guy.. we’ll call him Harpo (he played harmonica)… Harpo and I began to hook this thing up to the parent organ (a CONN) which was sitting next to it. We started it up and the chill of excitement tickled up my spine as I turned on the Leslie and… what a sweet sound. You could hear the horns and rotator begin to spin. I pressed a key and voila! It worked, tremelo and all. My wife located the price sticker and thrift was wanting to pawn it off for a measly $300. I kid you not. Eventually, another chap walked through and overheard my wife and I discussing the purchase and he informed us that it just so happened to be “half-off” day that day, so this combo suddenly dropped to $150! $150, I say!

What makes this such a find is that Leslie cabinets are a much sought after item in the music world. Many of your favorite rock albums from the 60’s and 70’s have Leslie cabinets on them (ever hear of The Young Rascals’ “Good Lovin'”?). Also, many rock guitarists re-amp their guitars through Leslie cabs because of it’s full bodied and beautiful sound. They can run up to $1500 in some cases for vintage Leslies. In fact, my brother informed me of an audio engineer we both know that actually drove hours and paid handsomely for a Leslie cab that didn’t even work. They’re selling this working Leslie AND organ for $150. I couldn’t pass it up. My only hold off was: 1) How am I gonna move these things (the organ weighs a ton). 2) Where am I gonna put it (my house is quite small).

Upon hemming and hawing, I decided to buy. As of now I have an organ and Leslie cab in my house… in my kitchen nook to be exact. Thanks for the muscle in moving the organ, Rich! Upon my research I found that this particular Leslie was made for this CONN organ, however it can be used with other brands as well. It appears to also be a pre-1958 Leslie cabinet. I have yet to find out exactly the date this one was made. But, I DID find many selling this particular Leslie (just the Leslie) for upwards of $1200. Purty good buy, dontcha think?

I do have a few tubes and what not I need to change and I need to just clean out the inside a bit as well…too much dust causing a hum/buzz. But, I am still enamoured by this sweet little organ and Leslie. So, allow me to show off my find. Check it out!

Here she is in all her glory. Ain’t she purdy?
The back view. You can see the metal seal and “general instuctions” on the back.
Another back view. This thing is 5′ tall. Big furniture. They don’t make ’em like this no more.
The general instructions.
The metal seal. When I first saw the cabinet, I turned it around to make sure the seal was there. This makes it an official Leslie cab!
Didn’t know about this. Apparently you use sewing machine oil. Keeps the thing spinning.
Here are the mighty tubes. There are many. I think I need to replace a few.
Another look at the tubes and motor.
The preamp and tubes. This is the volume control, this thing can get very loud.
The woofer rotator. I love hearing this thing start up. Sounds like a quieter helicopter.
Inside the cab. All the speakers, motors and old wiring. I just love old wiring. It looks so…. old.
Jensen Woofer.
Rotating horns.
The whole enchilada.
My kitchen nook will never sound the same. We just happened to get a hymnal before I bought this thing. Looks good with a hymnal on it. lol:)


And lastly, here is a little history of the Hammond organ and Leslie cabinet. Hammond and Leslie  go hand in hand. But, there were many an organ player out there that couldn’t afford a Hammond, so Leslie accommodated the lesser known, more affordable organs as well… such as CONN. CONN was typically the organ of choice for churches, because of it’s affordability.



I will be opening up the CONN organ shortly and be posting pics of it’s innards. Not to mention, I will be posting some recordings of the CONN/Leslie when I get the mics set up, so you all can hear the angels sing such as I did.

Till then….

David (Cali Dingo)




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San Diego Comic Con 4 (Le Finale)

Okay, the long anticipated finale in the ongoing saga of my quest to SDCC is coming to an epic end in today’s post. Well, maybe not epic, but an end nonetheless. These are random pics I snapped while walking the convention center and I felt they just didn’t fit in any particular category. So, without further ado… SDCC-Randomness.


Angry Birds 1
Angry Birds are everywhere. When you press a button on some of these they played that cheering noise the birds make in the game. Pretty cool.


Angry Birds 2
More angry birds.


Batman Comic
I bought a poster of this while at SDCC. I would trade that any day for this.


Captain America Comic
Another one I'd like to have.


The poster for the Captain America movie. It has that old action movie feel to it. I love it. Classic.


Charlie Sheen Mask
A Charlie Sheen mask. I just thought it was too asinine to pass up a snap.


Chris Reeves
Awesome Chris Reeves Superman statue. The likeness is impeccable.


Chris Reeves 2
A close up of the face. I wish I could hold the camera still for these!


Every Comic Con blog has a picture of this He Man statue. So, I figured I would join the crowd. I never really was a He Man fan, I was more into Thundercats.


Archie KISS
Had to snap this one. Archie covering KISS. Nice.


Makeup Artist 1
A makeup artist demonstration. They had 3 other people being made up, but this was the coolest. Very interesting watching them do this. Takes a very long time.


Makeup Artist 2
A little bit closer. Quite a talent.


Makeup Artist 3
And.... another shot.


Han Solo
Good ole' Han Solo frozen in carbonite. It must always be represented at geek fests.


SpiderMan Statue
The picture does it no justice. In real life this looked quite cool.


Spiderman Comic
I want this even more than the other two. Oh how I want this...


Star Wars Car 1
Thought I would finish off with this talented individual. A comic book artist drew and inked a Star Wars theme on a car that was being raffled off.


Star Wars Car 2
It was amazing watching this guy do his thing. Incredible talent.


Star Wars Car 3
An "action" shot! Just using a Sharpie, I believe.


Star Wars Car 4
Better view of the side. Must have taken him all day. I would imagine he'd have cramps in his wrists and fingers.


Well, that does it for the Comic Con posts. Hope you enjoyed and I will be attending at least one more time which will be next year, thanks to DC Comics! My free registration will expire after that.

Till next time…

David (Cali Dingo)

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San Diego Comic Con 3

Hello again!

We are continuing our coverage of the San Diego Comic Con with this post solely dedicated to all the interesting, outlandish and sometimes pointless costumes I came across while roaming the convention center. There are quite a few photos so I’ll keep the preamble to a minimum. A fun aspect of attending SDCC is being able to see all the hard work and creativity that some people put into their costumes. There were plenty to go around and I tried to snap as many as possible. I heard about several celebs walking around in costumes, but alas, I came across least that I know of.

Without further wait time.. SDCC Part 3: Cosplay!


Batman and Girls
Great Batman costume. I think I saw him last year. DC hires professionals to walk the aisles and I think he's one of 'em.


Batman Cast
The Penguin costume really intrigued me the most of this lot.


Boba Fett
There's always an excellent Boba Fett lurking around somewhere. I found him.


Captain Amercia 1
Of course, with the Captain America movie coming out that weekend, there were plenty of Captains running around that week.


Captain America 2
Interesting version.


This guy just ran around scaring people. It was fun to watch.


Some old school Scooby Doo for ya.


Dr. Girlfriend
Dr. Girlfriend from my favorite cartoon ever...The Venture Bros.


Gene Simmons
Gotta snap a pic when you see Gene Simmons coming at ya.


There's always a Harlequin. Her's was well done.


This guy put in some serious hours on this costume. Very cool. All the legs moved as he walked.


Invisible Girl
Invisible Girl. I have no idea what she's holding in her hand. She's plugging something for herself.


Princess Leia
She couldn't get far with all the picture taking going on. I doubt she made it in.


Planet of the Apes 1
This blew me away! Best I saw that weekend.


Planet of the Apes 2
Had to take another snap.


Red Skull
The Red Skull...due to Captain America coming out that weekend.


Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch.


Random Superheroes 1
Several random superheroes.


Random Superheroes 2
Well done...well done.


Random Superheroes 3
I have no idea if these are characters from any particular books/shows or if they just made them up. At any rate, their costumes were worthy of a snap.


Tony Stark
Very good Tony Stark I saw on Preview Night. Almost looks like Stephen Malkmus.


Rorschach from Watchmen.


Wonder Twins
Excellent tribute to the Wonder Twins. Too funny!


Well, that does it for this post. We have one more coming that will encompass just the random cool things I came across and couldn’t figure out what category to put it in. So, until we meet again…

David (Cali Dingo)

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San Diego Comic Con 2

Hello All,

I am back with Part 2 of our saga: Adventures in Comic Con. This time I will be sharing photos of all things related to Movies and Television. They had a lot of very interesting props from the actual T.V. and movie sets, not to mention just a few cool sculptures and whatnot that are related to television shows and movies. I obviously was unable to hit up every display, but I found a large selection during my meanderings of the convention center that I thought were quite interesting and just generally worth a click of the camera. So without further ado…So without further ado…. SDCC Volume 2: Television and Movies!

An Avengers display. They gave out all sorts of swag related to the upcoming movie.


Back to Future 1
The Back To The Future car. I love these movies and it's mostly because I love this car.


Back to Future 2
Here's what they had inside the car. Some props used in the movies.


Back to Future 3
Another view of the inside. Just behind the seat you can see the glow of the flux capacitor.


Back to Future 4
The plutonium. It's amazing how detailed the props are in these movies. Very cool.


Back to Future 5
The rear of the car. Great display.


Star Wars
R2D2 and C3PO display. And some random guy I caught while snapping the photo.


Joker Outfit
The outfit Heath Ledger wore as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Once again, the eye for detail when they make these things is stunning.


Green Lantern 1
The lantern used in The Green Lantern.


Green Lantern 2
I thought it was worth a try to power up with the lantern. However, I forgot I must use the ring. Oh, well.


MIB Bike
A bike that is from the upcoming MIB3.


Night Owl Mask
Night Owl mask from the Watchmen movie.


Pan Am TV
Booth for the upcoming Pan Am T.V. show. I just find it interesting how Mad Men has made the jetset era a little more nostalgic for people.


Superman Newspaper
The newspaper announcing Superman's return in Superman Returns.


Watchmen Photo
I love this photo. It was used in the movie Watchmen. Very neat.


Well, that is it for now. Part 3 will be coming soon.

Till then…

David (Cali Dingo)