Editing A Music Video

Hello All,

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jesse Padilla over this past weekend to get some heavy duty editing done on the little music video we’ve been slaving on for quite a while now. It’s coming along quite nicely and will hopefully have something to share in the coming months. It tends to be a long process for us because, well, quite frankly we have day jobs and we fit this between side projects as we can.

The following pictures are of our editing session. Hopefully the next to the last editing session. We both feel strongly about the edits and are hoping the artist feels the same way. We then can move on to adding the FX, which is the fun part.

The editing was accomplished using Adobe Premiere, for those of you wondering.


The two culprits.
Me coming up with an idea that is impossible to pull off. Happened quite a lot. lol
Did I just touch the screen?!?! Barbaric young man, I am.
The master at the helm. This man can do it all.
Watching our efforts.


Till next time!

David (Cali Dingo)




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