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On this post I thought I would share a podcast that I’ve been listening to since day 1… which really wasn’t that long ago, because they are now on Episode 8. 😉

It’s called Simply Recording Podcast and it is hosted Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner and Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution. I follow both of their blogs, have bought many of their tutorials and listen regularly to their newly established podcast and felt it worthy of mention on my own blog.

The whole show is dedicated to home studio recording tips, tricks and know-how. It doesn’t go too deep as some other blogs and podcasts I follow. Their podcast is a similar feel to both of their respective blogs which is more like home recording 101.

Being that I just did a post on Mastering not too long ago, I felt it apropos to introduce this podcast at this time because their latest episode revolves around self-mastering.

Give a listen. I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Till next time…

David (Cali Dingo)



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