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The Recording Revolution

So, it’s been a while since I’ve checked-in (a little over a month to be exact). But, that does not mean I’ve been sitting idly. Nope. In fact, I’ve been quite busy with a little thing called “the holidays”, not to mention I’ve been steadily revamping, rearranging, re-everything my home studio. Yes, I’ve realized the importance of creating a better atmosphere and overall working environment to the home studio. So, I rearranged the furniture to make better use of space and I repainted the walls to make it more…studio-ish. You’ll see what I’m talking about once the pics are up.

On top of all of that I also installed some acoustic treatment which, not only I, but my wife also noticed how much extra room ambiance this stuff cuts out. It’s truly incredible. I can’t wait to start recording/mixing/mastering in the place now and really putting it to test.

The best part? I documented the whole thing. So, there will be a series coming very shortly (as soon as I compile everything) showing how I did what I did, why I did what I did and what the results appear to be. Mostly this series is a result of me looking for answers and not finding them. 🙁 So, I was left to my own devices to figure out a few things here and there all on my own. But, being a bit of a handy guy, it wasn’t much of an issue. Let’s just say Home Depot and I are on real good terms.

I’ll be starting the series next week, so I hope you’ll come by and check it out. In the meantime, I wanted to plug a blog I regularly go to for mixing advice who is at the moment doing a series of their own. It’s The Recording Revolution and the series is called 5 Minutes to a Better Mix. This is actually the second time Graham Cochran (the owner of the site) has done this sort of thing. I learned a ton from it and anyone out there looking to improve their workflow or general knowledge of mixing will benefit as well, I’m sure.

So, check it out and mention California Dingo sent you while you’re at it. Meanwhile in Gotham City, I’ll be compiling my own adventures on improving my studio environment.

Till then…

David (Cali Dingo)



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